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Swami Shajanand Nath is a spiritual master, humanitarian, world-renowned astrologer, Vastu shastra expert, creator of the divine Maha Mrityunjiya Yanta and Chalisa.
Sidh Maha Mritunjaya Yantra is the three dimensional symbol of Lord Shiva which conveys a message to the mankind to live along life peacefully and let others also to co-exist for a long life in the same manner.
The Ashram also extends facilities/ service with tools like vedic astrology, palmistry and numerology to help the visitors interested to utilize these services.
EPCH :- Gold and Silver are not the only earthly metals or materials used in the making of Indian jewelries. The skilled jewelry designers and makers of India have crafted beautiful ornaments with bronze, brass, stone, beads, ivory, bamboo, lace and jute. These artists have amazed the buyers from all over the world through their ingenuity. The Indian wholesalers of handicrafts have helped these artists present their creations in front of the global buyers. They have represented Indian tradition to the world through different types of jewelry fair in India. Indian jewelries are versatile due t
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